Music Submissions:

We welcome your music submissions! Honestly, we still prefer CD’s, but do accept digital files provided they are of broadcast quality. We understand the cost of postage, especially from outside Canada, is becoming cost prohibitive. So, if you prefer to distribute via digital files, please send a link to a download site that we can access. This is preferable to sending an attachment through email, although please attach or include any relevant information about the artist. If you are able to send a CD, our mailing address is posted to the right.

A note to musicians & record companies from outside Canada:
If you are sending a CD, please take care when filling out the green customs sticker. Make sure you indicate the contents of the package are a “gift”, and/or have No Commercial Value (NCV), or a value of no more than a dollar or two. Otherwise we could be hit with a stiff tariff. Unfortunately we will be unable to accept the package and it’ll be returned to sender.